Bob's 1970 Harley Davidson Sportster

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Here is a couple of pictures for right now I just took off the Bags and sissy bar. I have the stock pipes to. Pipes look a little beat up. Anyway it is a 1970 XLH with 28,000 miles original paint it was a gift from my brother he was the 2nd owner he brought it in 1972. It had been sitting since 1985 all I did was change the oil and get a new battery and it started right up. Has a old S&U carburetor also got a box of parts to go with it all the stock stuff that came off the bike over the years. Right now it has a wet clutch I am thinking about changing it back to dry. I got about 4 rolls of film on the bike from when I first uncovered it to now with out the bags and sissy bar.

Bob Meachum